After three months of work I’ve finally released #414749, my 12th album. The album is a jamboree of genres, albeit not intentionally so. I just let each song take it’s style and route based on how it felt, kind of like when writers let the story go on it’s way without trying to strictly determine the fate of it’s subjects.

The result is a bit strange obviously, I’ve received a few comments like “wow, this is cool, there’s a lot of styles in there”, to “wow, there’s a bit of distortion in there eh?”. Some people dislike the fact that I keep changing styles. Some nights I might perform an acoustic song (or set), then a few months later I’m releasing death metal or electro-rock tracks.

So for my next couple of albums I will attempt to do something a bit more consistent.

I’m releasing this album for free, check it out on Soundcloud below:

You can also get the album here:

If you like the album, consider donating towards my next one. I’m going to be recording it in a couple of studios, which are expensive, thus why I am requesting donations.

Thanks for your support, and don’t forget to share!

Cover art is an alteration of a photo by Mark Asthoff

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