I was just pinpointed to an excellent article that deals with the DMCA, Takedown notices & file sharing sharing views with the copyright holders and the sharing community.

The name is quite appropriate: “Challenges and Directions for Monitoring P2P File Sharing Networks – or – Why My Printer Received a DMCA Takedown Notice

Abstract— We reverse engineer copyright enforcement in the popular BitTorrent file sharing network and find that a common approach for identifying infringing users is not conclusive. We describe simple techniques for implicating arbitrary network endpoints in illegal content sharing and demonstrate the effectiveness of these techniques experimentally, attracting real DMCA complaints for nonsense devices, e.g., IP printers and a wireless access point. We then step back and evaluate the challenges and possible future directions for pervasive monitoring in
P2P file sharing networks.

Read the complete article here… I think you’ll enjoy it.