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Thank you so much for all the support, I love it when I receive comments about my tracks, or when you share my music with other people. If often look at the stats in Spotify and find people streaming it from all sorts of places… Super cool!

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Setting: Earth, 2010s.

Concept: An album about computers, politics and people.

Mission: To dive into the not-so-subtle ways technology and politics are shaping (or misshaping) modern society, and the thunderous impact these cause on our minds and personalities.

Reason: I was working on remastering my older albums which I always disliked as they had no compression, no EQing, no proper vocals nor thoughtful lyrics. Karaf was born in the same way, from another album.

This project was supposed to be a week-long remaster + re-release of Methane Dreams, but the longer I worked on it, the more I realised I could re-work, re-write, re-imagine. I wanted to bring to life ideas and thought of how I imagined it sounding when I originally wrote it, but was incapable of doing back then (technically and knowledge-wise).

Inspiration: Muse, Grace Kelly & Adam Neely, Tears for Fears, Lakey Inspired

Special thanks: PsicoactivaTV, Jaime Roeland, K., PJ3, and everyone else who helped with ideas, contributions, lyrics, stories, vocals, etc.

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