* Spoiler Alert!

Just coming back from watching the film, and I must say a few words about it. The movie was great, the plot was great, it was executed excellently in a timely fashion, perfect lines, great acting. 5/5.

The problems I noticed were 2: After the joker escapes from his cell and threatens a man with a knife, at gun point by all other guards, he asks for a phone to make his call… and they give it to him. It seems rather unrealistic considering he is a top-wanted criminal, who just escaped from his cell, and suspiciously asks for a cellphone while threatening another guard. Someone with a good aim could have taken him out with no problem, but instead… they give him the phone.

On the other hand, the movie ended with many things unconcluded, but the death of the actor that plays joker unfortunately leaves us with a strange feeling at the end of the movie. To be continued… or is it? It kind of feels like an unexpected end of something that should be continued, but even though it is continued things will never be the same.

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