Haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. Been extremely busy but finally I have a few minutes. We’ve had really really random weather, ranging from the nice and warm to the dreadful storms. Today I thought the world would fall on me.

So, at the start of a couple of weeks ago we enjoyed a few days of great weather:

Oh beautiful sun

Followed by mad rains, which quickly vanished as the next photo describes.

Clearing up

The road outside the office has been under repair for a week now. Today I had to run under the rain for 20 minutes, without much hope of finding a bus as they had been re-routed. Fortunately one stopped for me, in the middle of the street. I think he had a bit of compassion for a drenched soul wandering the highway. This picture was taken near the office last week.

Just came out for a brief walk

I went travelling this weekend to Edinburgh for a fun time and a look around. Before I left I passed this chippie. I’ve never actually been there, but I’ve taken many photos of it, hoping some day I get the chance to visit it.

Glasgows Oldest Chippie

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