I’ve been thinking about life recently, and I noticed that just like most things in life, opportunities come in cycles as well:

A fast example of this would be the opportunity most of us have to get 15+ minutes of fame in our lifetime.

If we dig deeper into this, the cycles are much more complex. For example, some people lose a loved one early in life, so they must make a decision:

  1. Mature, take it with calm, deal with the situation, and learn to cope with the emotional pain so as to gradually overcome it.
  2. Cover the feelings, try and dig it down under, suppress all related emotions and avoid talk about the subject.
    Each of those decisions amounts to a very different lifetime, so it all comes down to how we take the situation in the first place.

This person has been given the opportunity to overcome one issue which will allow him/her to overcome many other issues in life much easier.

We all get opportunities to be famous, to get rich, to be scammed, to die, to crash, to get high, to get bashed, to steal, to win, to lose, to sin, to get married, to kill, etc.

We even get more than one opportunity sometimes, and the result of our actions can determine the fate of our life. A brief example of this would be as follows:

Person A is 19 years old, learns guitar and becomes a multi-instrumentalist, by 21 he has the opportunity to start a music career, he has contacts to enter the music business and do a professional recording. This could be his ticket to fame, nonetheless, Person A is also quite fluent with the Oracle Database Architecture, so he makes a decision and drops out of music career to become a certified DBA. He then finds a job that pays him a lot more than what he would have started earning as a musician.

Anything can happen in life, so we must learn to make a distinction between possibilities and opportunities, we are in control of our lives only to the extent of our decisions. From there on the social machine is in control.

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