Facebook in challenge to Google – BBC News

“Facebook was unable to acquire Twitter so this is the next best option,” said Ben Parr, associate editor of Mashable, a news blog covering social media.

“Google look out, Facebook knows the real money is in real-time search,” said respected blogger Robert Scoble.

“Google is the king of regular search. FriendFeed is the king of real-time search. This makes the coming battle over this issue much more interesting,” Mr Scoble told the BBC.

“FriendFeed is well known for having some powerful and intelligent technology that allows users to aggregate everything they do online and do it all in real time.

What does FriendFeed do?

  • Friendfeed lets users bring together many of the accounts they have on social media and networking sites such as Facebook and Flickr
  • Updates posted on those sites by a user and their friends are echoed on FriendFeed.
  • A built in chat system lets FriendFeed users instantly comment or start a conversation about an update.
  • These feeds of what friends are up to can be embedded in webpages or fed out to services such as Twitter.
  • FriendFeed works with almost 60 sites including Delicious, Reddit, LinkedIn and NetVibes.

“With this acquisition, Facebook is gunning directly not only at Twitter, but at Google. This is a warning shot to those two companies,” Mr Parr told BBC News.

via BBC NEWS | Technology | Facebook in challenge to Google.