Slick interface, much faster, a few more options here and there, and a faster boot-up.

In general I think it looks quite similar (If at all they added a few more ‘themes’). Where you really notice the difference is in the “Engine”, oh, and the fact that it uses the EXT4 file system.

When you install it, it even checks if you haves windows installed and it will import your document and settings.

There is a normal edition, and a netbook remix edition this time (As well as the Server edition). I am running the normal edition on my netbook because I wanted to see how well it performed. On my eeepc 1002 HA it has performed great! It found my webcam and other devices, installed everything necessary, and seems to be doing a great job. I will try the netbook remix version shortly to see how it compares to the normal version running on a netbook.

For now these are my initial points of view, nonetheless I shall keep you updated if there is any interest.