I wonder…┬áSo there are a few paths this “epidemic” can lead to:

It passes in a few days, without causing more than 300 deaths, and all cases outside of Mexico will recover without a problem. The goverment will acknowledge the nation panicked a bit too much, nonetheless acting wisely taking precautions for what could have been a much worse scenario.

It dissolves in 2-3 months with tragic numbers. Over 4,000 people dead in the whole of Mexico and several hundred abroad.

It takes more than 8 months to clear up. Numbers ascend to hundreds of thousands. A vaccine is invented after 6 months, taking 2 months more to produce enough quantity to heal the sick and dying. All nations enter a state of panic. Hundreds of families lock themselves in their houses with large food stocks. Fear increments drastically due to the wild news coverage dealing with raw death images, mostly provided by sensationalist news agencies.

It has been over a year since the A/N1H1 epidemic started. It evolved into a pandemic after 8 months. Vaccines were not enough for the sick. It grew out of control and more than 90 million were killed making it the worst scenario since the start of last century.

My girlfriend blames the Americans, stating that if they created the virus, they could create the cure. This would mean they would profit largely by selling it.

Or could it be a cover up for the drug legalisation that took place at the same time in Mexico?

I wonder…

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  • lemiffe

    I must say I probably was quite a bit off on these predictions.

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