I’ve decided to purchase a premium theme at last. After years of using free themes I decided it was the right time. My first thought was to buy Thesis, which is widely recommended by blogger Chris Brogan. However, I decided it was not exactly worth the amount of money, considering I blog just for fun and not because I expect to make a profit out of it.

Therefore I have chosen to pay for a yearly subscription to Elegant Themes, and have chosen Bold as my theme. I think it represents my website much better, as it is much easier to access recent posts, and get at what you want in an easier way. I’d like to hear your comments on it to know if it was really worth it or not. What do you think?

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2 thoughts to “New Theme

  • Jon3000

    Cool theme 😀

    Just one error I have seen so far is in post view the text “Posted by” is like outside the frame.

  • Ahmed Alare

    Oh nice theme! Congratulations!

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