I’m only in NY for a day, but I’ve had a chance to catch a few trains, so this is my first impression:


Clean, but not as clean as Scottish train platforms. Trains seem to leave on time from GCT, but delays seem usual from many other stations. I’d say delays are on par with Scotrail.

I’ve not seen CCTV on the platforms here, and just a few in the stations. Scotrail platforms are plastered with CCTV… Including the trains themselves.

GCT beats any Scottish stn. Including Glasgow Central in looks.


Quite clean, same as Scotrail trains. Some of them squeak a lot on the rails, and they seem much slower than trains in the UK (Virgin, cross-country, Scotrail). People seem friendlier, they actually ask if it would be alright to take the seat next to you… over there, most people just sit down.

In Scottish trains they check and sign your ticket, which you keep till you reach your destination, as they ask for it on your way out. In NY trains, sometimes they take your ticket away, and other times just clip it and give it back. It seems you never have to show it to leave the station.

All in all, I prefer Scottish trains… But I prefer Belgian “B” trains even more… They are the most silent ones I’ve ben on.

I won’t go into detail in the NY underground. I’ve heard it is filthy and full of rats. I even heard people play a game here… How many rats can you count. Doesn’t sound tempting so I’ll probably be avoiding the subway.

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