Sennheiser HD 215With a frequency response of 12 Hz to 22000 kHz these headphones stand tall and powerful in the market.

I recently owned a pair of Sony MDR V150 headphones which are at the lower end of “studio quality” sets. I liked those headphones because they lasted quite a long time, but it didn’t have the outer noise cancellation nor the boost that I require to listen in detail to the music I make to make the necessary fine tuning.

So I found this pair sitting in a discount store the other day. It is a used pair which cost 20 GBP, and as far as I have seen they go anywhere from 30 to 55 quid online, new of course.

Despite the cost, this set will not disappoint you. It has an excellent sensitivity, a great solid plug, a beautiful frequency range, they are comfortable to the ear, it lowers external noise by (I would say) at least 6 db or more. So if you are thinking in buying a quality pair of headphones, without going crazy on the price, I dare suggest this pair.

* Disclaimer: In no way was I payed by Sennheiser or Sony to publish this post.

2 thoughts to “Review: HD 215 Sennheiser Headphones

  • Tiffany

    thanks i really enjoy reading you’re article !!

  • Janice

    I have experienced Bose headphones, but was not impressed. I have listened to music with the Sennheiser 450 headphones. The music quality was great and if you’re looking for some noise canceling headphones, they beat the Bose and Sony headphones hands down! Just about complete silence and you hear everything in your music choice. Just a nice pair of headphones.

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