I was a bit skeptical of all the attention placed on Social Media when it started booming not long ago. I wasn’t sure if it was something that’s going to stay, or if it is just a fad that’s going to fade. The following video was something I found on Steve Farnsworth’s Digital Marketing Mercenary Blog.

Steve WritesA challenge for most senior marketing professionals who cut their teeth any time before, say, last year has been to fully grasp the impact of social media on how they perform their job. The new many-to-many communications model forces everyone to re-imagine their tools, role, and strategies.

On September 23rd The Silicon Valley Brand Forum held an event on the impact of social media on branding. The morning opened with this viral video that uses powerful statistics and visuals to hammer home that this is not your dad’s Internet.

So is Social Media here to stay? Or is it just a fad? What is your take on this?

4 thoughts to “Social Media Revolution… A fad or to stay?

  • Steve Farnsworth

    Thanks for sharing this topic with your readers. I look forward to reading their insights on how the navigate these waters.

  • A

    Nada es permanente, el mundo cambia y el marketing, como todo, tiene que adaptarse a los nuevos cambios.

  • Christina

    Even before watching the video, I believed social media is a stepping stone, not a phase. My concern is less about that and more how that influences or what it reveals about current societal priorities. It is a medium for information and a new way of relating, certainly… but does it indicate that we are becoming *so* experientially-motivated that we cannot or will not respond to anything that doesn’t come to us in our preferred format?

    I’m sure people have asked this about every developing technology. But even so, I think it’s a worthwhile question to ask over and over, so we are conscious of who we are becoming and what we are using to form ourselves and our communities.

  • lemiffe

    @Steve: Thanks for the Article.

    @A: Estoy de acuerdo, todo cambia.

    @Christina: Interesting thoughts… Of course Social Media should be used as a tool and not as a way to guide our life. All these tools around us are to make our life easier, and to make information flow better, one is not better than the other, they simply complement themselves.

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