Karaf Out Now!

Karaf, my latest album, is out now!

Check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, or YouTube (coming soon).

You can also stream it right here (using Soundcloud):

If you are interested in knowing the story behind the album click here.

You can read the lyrics here, or on each individual song on Soundcloud.

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Thanks a lot to everyone who helped with the production, mixing and reviews of the album, as well as the_vicken for the album art. I really appreciate your support!

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The epic voyage of Stijn Van Loo, Matthias the Engineer, and Bruno the St. Bernard

New EP is out today! Available this weekĀ on Spotify, Apple Music, and most other popular streaming services.Ā It’s a bit experimental so I don’t expect you too like it very much if you aren’t into both electro-funk and death metal.

The preparation & inspiration

  • Inspired by EDM, metal, psychedelic rock like Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Snarky Puppy
  • Took over half a year of fiddling around with ideas and then discarding them
  • The main part of the music ended up being written in less than 6 hours
  • Afterwards, about 4 weeks of work consisted of lyrics, mixing and post-production
  • Ended up discarding 6 songs, and using just 3 for this EP (2 intros and 1 main one)
  • There is no chorus, why would there be?

What is the story behind it?

Album CoverIt’s a story about an inter-dimensional space-time travel of an engineer (Matthias), ametalhead (Stijn Van Loo), and a St. Bernard named Bruno.

Stijn Van Loo happens to be one of the best captains in the airforce, Matthias has proved himself as one of the most creative aerospace engineers in the world, whilst Bruno is an exceptionally smart dog.

Over the course of several years several space agencies have detected a rift ocurring near a known black hole, very far away; they determine the happening is caused by an entity, and this being’s actions are causing a dramatic expansion of the blackhole. So a multinational effort is put into play to gather funds to create the best, fastest warship ever created. Stijn and Matthias are selected from a large pool of recruits; but Matthias declines to go without Bruno, who would keep them company during the long voyage.

The battleship has the ability to create wormholes which enable bending of space-time which will allow them to reach their destination in less than a year.

They name the being Dr. Simmons, whom they presume to be an evil chemist mastermind from another race. Stijn, Matthias and Bruno shortly after set out on a voyage to destroy him and potentially collapse the blackhole by detonating fission bombs near the event horizon.

This album is dedicated to Bruno, may he rest in peace.

Listen toĀ the album

Or watch the video forĀ the main song

Note: The video has nothing to do with the story, and is basically just me and a good friend playing GTA V over the course of 2-3 hours. Intro scene filmed in BelgiumĀ underĀ a bridge.


After three months of work I’ve finally released #414749, my 12th album. TheĀ album is a jamboree of genres, albeit not intentionally so. I just let each song take it’s style and route based on how it felt, kind of like when writers let the story go on it’s way without trying to strictly determine the fate of it’s subjects.

The result is a bit strange obviously, I’ve received a few comments like “wow, this is cool, there’s a lot of styles in there”, to “wow, there’s a bit of distortion in there eh?”. Some people dislike the fact that I keep meddling with different genres.

So for my next couple of albums I will attempt to do something a bit more consistent.

I’m releasing this album for free, check it out on Soundcloud below:

You can also get the albumĀ here:

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CoverĀ art is an alteration of a photo by Mark Asthoff


Hey everyone! I’ve finally decided to post my latest album here. It is a bit experimental (as usual) combining rock, metal, electronica, and new-age. Most of the comments I’ve heard are ‘this is too strange for me’, but I don’t mind šŸ™‚

Check it out on Spotify:Ā Lemiffe ā€“ S/Here/There/

Or listen to the first song on SoundCloud:



A dear friend of mine sent me yesterday night an album I composed in 2005 that I had lost ever since. I actually erased it as it sounded terrible after finishing it. Fortunately she kept a copy on her laptop, and once I heard it again yesterday after so much time I actually liked it, a lot.

I’ll be posting 1 or 2 of the songs from this album titled “NO” on my myspace account in a few days so check it out šŸ™‚