This is my first short list of movies, documentaries and books I think serve as an interesting theme/template for viewing current, past, and future events on earth. Some of the points in these movies are quite inspiring, thoughtful and realistic…

Some of them can be discerned to be completely incorrect. The point is, developing a critical mind and being able to distinguish between whats real, and what some people want you to consider real.

Movies and Documentaries:

  • Zeitgeist
  • Zeitgeist II Addendum
  • Lessons of Darkness
  • 1984
  • A brave new world
  • The ring of power
  • Da Vinci Code


  • Modern money mechanics
  • 1984
  • A Brave new World
  • Da Vinci Code

I will be writing newer versions of this list as I remember more interesting movies and books to check out. If you have any really good suggestions, do not doubt in commenting below.