The clouds and Ed Yes, in 2045 I’ll be thinking that it was such a short time ago when I made a 100 Euro bet that Strong-AI would exist by that year. I will also be thinking about what I did in all those years, from 2010 to 2045, where did time go? Did I spend it well? It will be a sense of confusion, as I will have done so many things, and at the time many of those things must have felt marvellous, but did I really enjoy the ride? What does it feel to enjoy the ride? Does it feel well in the present, does it still feel good in the future? How do you know if you are enjoying your time? Maybe you know it because you wake up every day feeling good, smiling. Maybe you know it because you wake up with a burning desire to do something new, to invent something revolutionary, to discover to a new place…

I don’t want to start travelling the world when I’m 58. I don’t want to start living at that age, discovering the world, discovering myself. I am alive now, and I’ve got to use the time I’ve got on my hands as if it were gold. That’s why everything I’ve chosen to do I’ve done it then and there, that’s why I’ve started my world travels at the start of my 20’s, that’s why I’ve decided to write, blog, do photography, video, painting and everything I can do right now. What’s the point of starting it all when you’re old? Why not take this moment in time to do everything you can, learn something new, start new travels. It is your time, decide what best to do with it, just don’t waste it.

Once upon a time someone told me that it’s good to develop hobby’s throughout life, because when you get old, hobby’s are the only thing you’ll have left to cheer you up. Life as an old person would be boring if throughout your life you could never give a damn about learning how to ride a bike, swim, do some yoga, play golf, paint, play guitar, learn software programming, graphic design, audio production, hiking, knitting, inventing, arts & crafts, growing plants and vegetables, script writing, reading books, etc.

The more, the merrier. So now you know that it’s never too late to plan ahead, it’s never too late to learn/do something new, it’s never too late to life. After all: Time flies by.

2 thoughts to “Time flies by…

  • Christina

    Very true. One of the reasons that no matter how busy I feel, I make a conscious effort to try one really big new thing every year. Is that enough? Maybe not, but it’s more than nothing. 🙂

    Thanks for the reminder!

  • lemiffe

    Well, it’s way better than nothing! Think about all those millions of people who watch TV every single day of their life… people who probably have never left the boundary of their home town, people who have never dared exploring, people who have never dared changing, people who are afraid.

    Challenge keeps us alive, challenge keeps our hearts racing. Have a nice evening 🙂

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