Yeah, I know I’m late to the party, but I still had to give my own opinion on Ubuntu, as it’s the first time I try it out.

Looks great, install was easy, a few things are much easier to use than in windows. It was faster to configure than ArchLinux. It got complicated when I got down to running virtualization, and a few other things. Installing LAMP server was easy as hell. Gnome + Compiz + 3d Cube and a whole set of effects performed superb on my Centrino Duo with 2GB Ram.

I saw no glitches, no apparent slow-down, and little to no application freezing, even while virtualizing Windows XP Pro (with 600MB allotted to Windows), running firefox with 10 tabs, xchat, emesene, pidgin, rythmbox, terminal and a few other apps at the same time.

8.10 is coming out by the end of October so I’m looking forward to the upgrade already, and I’ll share you my experiences with ubuntu when I get farther down the line.