So it’s been a month, exactly, since I last posted on my blog. Where there reasons for such a delay? Certainly. But I would bore you to death if I went into details.

In this time I have moved home, acquired a film camera, got to work on different projects, took a whole set of B/W photos which I will be posting soon enough. I also had a chance to update my WordPress theme, changing the look of my blog entirely (Hope you like it more as it is now).

I updated WordPress to the latest version as well, seems Automatic Upgrading is working now. I added my Flickr stream to the sidebar as well. I will also be adding a “My Music” section to the menu, which will bring up my youtube music videos, or other music I have produced.

So, if there are any suggestions you have design-wise or aesthetic-wise for my blog, please let me know.

Now I must get back to a few webpage designs I should have turned in weeks ago. That’s all for now.