Cheers to a successful week!

It was an interesting one. I have started working part-time from home, only going to the office on Fridays, and it has changed my perspective on many things. Now instead of taking the bus I take the train to a railway station nearby and I cycle the rest of the way to work (20 minutes to the office, 30 minutes back) which is quite a good exercise and I get to see very nice places.

Unfortunately I got lost last Friday and ended up in the village of Croy instead of Croy Railway Station (20 minute detour) but I found this magnificent bridge:

Bridge near Croy

So I finally found the right way and it happens to pass next to a beautiful loch near Westfield, Cumbernauld. I just love the scenery:

Small Loch near Westfield, Cumbernauld

Small Loch near Westfield, Cumbernauld

Anyway, hopefully you’ve also had a great week and lets hope this one is even better!

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2 thoughts to “Weekly Highlights (12/09/2010)

  • Patty Kay Mooney

    Well, that goes to show that a “mistake” can lead to something beautiful. I am glad you are cyling. Mountain biking is my favorite thing to do.

    • lemiffe

      I agree, I love mountain biking… thanks for the comment!

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