The Railway Station at Falkirk Grahamston in Scotland. This was taken towards my trip to the village of Cumbernauld on Wednesday. Something about the colours and scenery caught my attention, which is what made me take this photograph.

Having Lunch at O'Briens

This was taken looking upwards from inside the Antonine Shopping Centre, just next to O’Briens. The Cumbernauld Town Centre and Antonine Shopping Centre are linked. The whole city was planned 60 odd years ago based on a centralised structure. The town centre, banks, main shopping facilities, and most important places are in this complex building structure right in the heart of Cumbernauld. The rest of Cumbernauld is made of over/underpasses, roundabouts and¬†satellite¬†neighbourhoods.

Rather Empty At

This photo was taken yesterday, Saturday, in Espionage, a bar/club made up of 5 different bars (One on each level). Each one has it’s own music, decoration, lighting, and ambience. There was hardly any people yesterday which led to a slow/peaceful experience.

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