I will try to upload weekly highlights of interesting moments and photos taken during the week, hopefully to inspire you and others to do the same. Look around, visit places, take photos. In life every moment counts.

Glasgow Fair

At the start of this week I travelled to Glasgow to finish a pending job. Just down on West George St. in Glasgow City Centre I found this interesting fair being built up. My guess is for St. Andrews Day.

A more complete view of the loch

This is the view of the loch in Linlithgow. It was a rainy + cloudy day, and heaven knows why we randomly decided to take a trip to Linlithgow, a town of which I had never heard about, but it was a great experience despite the rain.

Silhouette of you

A silhouette of you, from inside Linlithgow Palace. You can see the beautiful small town just outside the window.

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