So Steep the Steeple

This picture was taken whilst I took a stroll through the great city of Glasgow. I found this beautiful church upon my way through Bath St. and positioned myself at an angle in which the photo would somehow describe how tall the steeple really looked and felt.

Peering through the Future

This was taken yesterday while we walked through the German Market, a part of the Edinburgh Christmas celebrations which start on St. Andrews Festival and end the night before Christmas. The place was so crowded one could barely walk, and had to wait for people to organise and keep moving. The lights were beautiful tones of yellow, however, I chose this picture as it describes more of how I felt at the time more than how it actually looked to the eye.

Night Fog

We had to wait so long to get the bus back home. The cars couldn’t move amongst so much traffic. It was everywhere. The fog was all around us, and it was so cold. After 10 to 15 minutes the bus came along, but the wait was well worth taking some photographs. The scene around us burst with people, fog, and close-to-stationary vehicles.

3 thoughts to “Weekly Highlights (29/11/2009)

  • Christina

    These are great. Especially a fan of the church steeple. Is it built of brick? In the photograph, it nearly looks like wood.

  • lemiffe

    Yeah, purely of brick. I am not aware of which type of brick it is, but I have seen it all over Scotland so I can assume it is a typical brick used in the UK, or at least in the north.

  • Christina

    Either way, it looks beautiful. So glad you started doing this weekly, because it means I get to enjoy some of the beautiful parts of a life far, far away from my own.

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