It was a pretty great week I’d say, except for the fact that I’m a bit ill again, but apart from that it has been rather warm as you may appreciate in the following picture.

Summer? Spring?

And this is where I wait for the bus every day after work, just me and my skateboard. (I kinda just ripped that line from Belgium’s entry into Eurovision 2010, a song by Tom Dice, if you hadn’t noticed :P).


So I was practicing a few ollies on Friday and suddenly I slammed hard against the floor. Less than a couple of seconds later it started hailing. When I got back home and told my mate he said probably the sky was crying out with laughter at my fall. It was pretty funny, though ;P

Bus Shelter

In all, a pretty decent week in the end. Next week will be much more entertaining! Monday off due to bank holiday, time to have fun? Nah, maybe just rest a bit instead!

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