We’ve had plenty of grey days lately which can get quite depressing… But it was well worth the wait after all:

The Little Ones

This was taken yesterday, the 30th of January, on my way to the beach just east of Edinburgh. The Portobello beach. Portobello is a beautiful place, I love the town centre, and overall the day was incredible. I took this picture from the double decker, just a few minutes before my stop. Curious little garden gnomes.

Oh Glorious Sky!

So I went to the beach. It was a splendid day, however, really cold. For some reason the image of a beach in my mind sounded warmer, so I arrived to find myself utterly freezing… I took a few pictures before leaving though.


So this is back in town, just before night fall. I loved the actual scene even more, it’s just so beautiful seeing a nice sundown after days of just plain grey.

What was your week like?